Coway Icon Air Purifier

The Coway Icon air purifier aims to improve human health, as both the short and long-term effects of poor air quality on public health are of major global concern. Pollutants from the outdoors; tobacco smoke and cooking; gases from cleaning products and building materials; and dust, mites, mold, and pet dander all impact indoor air quality. Coway’s air-purifiers have consistently been recognized as best in class, capturing a remarkable 99.9% of ultrafine dust and odors and taking the top spot in reviews from The New York Times tech review site Wirecutter multiple times.

The positive response from consumers and the technical success of its predecessors informed fuseproject’s approach to refining the air purifier’s design and integration into the home, performance, and user experience. The Icon air purifier’s design ethos centers around improving health while serving as a beautiful and practical object in the home. In contrast to the utilitarian and plastic category, our design fits in a room discreetly and elegantly while delivering a top performance that is both powerful and quiet.

Hyun Joo Song, head of Coway’s Design Center, remarks about our design, “Even though air purifiers are often hidden away in a corner because they don’t mesh with interior decor. The Airmega Icon is not an eyesore – it’s eye candy. As the market matures and consumers place greater emphasis on aesthetics, we’re motivated by the challenge to innovate products that improve health and appeal to the senses, without sacrificing performance.”

The Coway Icon is available in the U.S. exclusively at


Rather than imposing a boxy or round plastic object that stands out as utilitarian technology, the Icon uses new geometry that allows the air purifier to sit along a wall, further blending smart technology into the home environment. We worked with Coway to develop a smaller and flatter form factor that gives the air purifier a much lower profile and flexibility in room placement. The rectangular configuration minimizes the size impact, while appearing as a small commode or side table at first glance. To create an even more seamless integration into the living space, the Icon’s design features include invisible LED lights, neutral color palette options, and dual functionality like wireless charging. The refined materials and wood finish, neutral color palette textiles, furniture feet, and simple details add beauty to any home, workplace, or hospitality environment.


Communication with the customer base is critical. The status of the air purifier needs to be easily communicated in a many that distills the complex language down to a more straightforward messaging system equipped with simple and smart setup and subtle touch buttons. Users are able to set the desired mode, air volume, and lighting with the buttons designed to light up to the touch. Clean and clearly displayed data for the user allows them to best understand the air purifier’s benefits and efficacy.

The Icon air purifier also provides Wi-Fi connectivity for more usability and functionality, as well as the ability to control all functionalities from a smartphone app. Additional features include a built-in, inset table for iPhone charging or resting small items. The addition of remote, user-control via mobile app also elevates its overall offerings. The app gives users a status report on the current air quality, outside air quality based on location, and current state of its filters. The app can also give users a percentage of the remaining lifecycle and let you know when cleaning or replacement is required.



  • International Design Awards

    • Silver - Home Interior Products - Household appliances, 2021
  • Core 77 Awards

    • Winner - Furniture & Lighting, 2021
  • Fast Company Innovation by Design

    • Honorable Mention - Home Category, 2020
  • Good Design Award

    • Winner - Special Award, 2020
  • IDEA

    • Winner - Bronze, 2020
  • Spark Awards

    • Platinum Winner - Health Category, 2020

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